Privacy Policy

Upholding the privacy of our clients is an immensely important concern here at CryptoCurrency Phone Support. And as a policy when implemented on Bitcoin Customer Service Number sites, it gives a good understanding of how personal information is collected, used and circulated by the organization.

Collection of Personal Information
At CryptoCurrency Phone Support, personal information of clients is sourced through websites and applications. The information is either submitted by the users themselves on sites or is otherwise collected when they furnish it while using an application onsite. The information is inclusive of names, e-mail addresses and also demographic information related to gender, education, date of birth, preferences, interests and any other information requested from time to time.

Cookies as small files collect a clients? personal information and their overall experience with a site. And what all steps can be further taken to improve on it. Cookies as a popular medium end up counting the number of computers accessing a site, personalizing the overall experience and remembering a PC users preference.

Call Recording
For Internal monitoring and raising up the quality of services, CryptoCurrency Phone Support reserves the right to record calls. However, respecting the wishes of clients, we at CryptoCurrency Phone Support give them the right to either disconnect a call being recorded or otherwise asking the company to not record the call at all.

Changes to the Privacy Clause
In case of any changes to personal information, CryptoCurrency Phone Support encourages its clients to correct or update the information in the shortest time span possible. CryptoCurrency Phone Support may also end up changing this Policy from time to time. And in case if any changes are made to the Policy, the company will also end up changing the “Last Updated” date as and when it would really happen. Further, if there are any material changes to the policy, CryptoCurrency Phone Support will end up notifying its clients directly.

Usage clauses pertaining to personal information
* Improving a clients overall experience not only with the sites but with the overall applications
* The personal information collected by CryptoCurrency Phone Support is used to improve a clients overall experience with the services
* For not only providing a proper response to comments and questions but also ensuring a flawless customer experience
* Conducting an analysis to gauge the relative success or failure of promotions.